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Jamku Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of users and the country. Since login is based on mobile numbers, we use the mobile number to identify the country.

Pricing for India

Pricing for SARC Countries (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives)

Pricing for rest of the world

The above prices are for Jamku License. It includes using Jamku via Web Browser, Mobile App (Andriod and iOS), Desktop App (Windows, Mac, Linux). The software can be used concurrently. There is no limit on number of concurrent devices.

The above price does not include – SMS and File Upload. These are charged separately.

The pricing was last updated on 05th April 2020.


Who doesn’t love discounts? Here is the list of active discount schemes.


Joint purchase for 3 or more offices

    Training will be provided jointly. Payment in single transaction.



Make payment within 3 days of taking Demo.


Above discounts cannot be combined.


Are the prices including GST?

As per updated GST Rules, we are currently not liable for GST registration. Hence the above price what you see is what you pay. This will however may change in future. If we are required to charge GST in future, it will be over and above on the price mentioned above.

In case of license purchase outside India, we are not required to charge GST as per Indian law. Hence the above price is final price.


Do you provide Monthly / Half Yearly plan?

Half yearly plans are provided only to offices with team size of more than 150, on request. No discounts are applicable on half yearly payment.

There no monthly plan available.


Is there any refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product, you can apply for refund within 30 days from payment. We shall refund 100% of the payment made. You can be rest assured of the Refund as we have “No Questions Asked” refund policy.

Refund is now allowed for offices where trial account is created before making the payment.

Refund will not be provided if your firm has not completed Data Import and Team members Training. This is to ensure firms who have genuinely tried the software get the 100% refund if not satisfied with the practice management solution or the support provided by the Madrecha Solutions team. 


Can I upgrade my Account? Add users later?

You can upgrade or degrade your account (the number of users) anytime. We charge on a pro-rata basis. Prorata cost is round up to month.

In case of an upgrade, you need to make an additional payment. In case of a downgrade, you get an extension on the licencing date.

Example: Purchased 10 users license in Jan. Now need additional 2 users in March. Amount for 2 users will be – 750 X 2 users X 10Months / 12 Months = 1250 INR.

What modes of payment are accepted?

We currently accept payment via bank transfer (IMPS / NEFT) and also through PayTM. Using Paytm, you can pay using Netbanking or UPI or Credit Card or Debit Card. We also plan to support the upcoming – Whatsapp Payment.

Are there any other charges apart from these mentioned above?

While we strive to provide best pricing in the market, some charges cannot be bundled with the pricing.

Example: SMS, File Uploading. This is because, you may or may not need these features. Hence if you need SMS or file upload, these are charged separately. See “File Upload Limit & Charges” FAQ below to know more details about file upload charges.

File Upload Limit & Charges?

To activate file uploading we charge 500 Rs. Once file uploading is activated, you start uploading files. 1st GB is free every year. At end of the year, we will calculate the actual usage and charge the same in the next license upgrade. Storage is charged at 300Rs/GB per year. For example, your total file size is 2.5 GB at end of the license period, you will be charged 1.5 X 300 = 450 Rs. 1st GB is free.

Where is the free account?

We had free license for offices having less than 3 users. In order to better serve our paid license users, we discontinued the free version of license from 1st September 2018. Accounts created before 31 August 2018 are not affected by this change. Only going forward we have stopped giving license for free.

We were the only Online Office Management software in India to offer a free tier for small budding entrepreneurs. We believe that when offices at the nascent stage, office management can really help in scaling up practice. In India, it is often that small offices cannot afford office any extravagant expenses and hence don’t purchase Office Management software. With Jamku, we had plan to change this. Jamku was free for offices with a team size less than 3.

The free account was fully featured. Not a trial version. You could use it for free for as long as you want. However, if you stop using the software, we reserve the right to delete your account after 30 days of inactivity.

We had 223 offices who subscribed for free version of Jamku. We are grateful to them for sharing their feedback which helped Jamku to become a fully matured office management software.

Fair Pricing

We offer the best competitive prices because we follow a strict Value Addition based approach to development. After all, penny saved is penny earned.

We believe in transparency of the pricing.

  • Development – Salary, Training, Security Audit, Code Review, Testing, Development server cost.
  • Server – Main Application Server, Server backup, Disaster recovery site, Database Backup, AWS.
  • Licensing – Development Software, Code Library, Theme, Hosting software, bug reporting tool, ticketing tool.
  • Support – Admin Expense, Telephone, Support Staff.

Pie chart of how we spend our inflows.

Pay using QR Code

Pay using NEFT / IMPS

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Bank: Union Bank
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Account Name: Madrecha Solutions Pvt Ltd

You can also deposit cheque and share the details via email.

International Payment

Pay using USD

Pay using INR