Jamku Pricing

Pricing is based on number of users. We call users as Team Members.

Team size more than 20? We have a custom price for you depending on your requirements.

 Contact us and we will customize the prices for you.


Who doesn’t love discounts? Here is the list of active discount schemes.

Members of following institutes
  • Chamber of Tax Consultants (CTC)
  • Committee and Sub Group Committee members of WIRC/NIRC/ of ICAI
  • Thane Branch of WIRC or Thane Mid Town Study Circle
  • JB Nagar (Andheri) Study Circle
  • Ghatkopar Study Circle


Active subscription of following softwares
  • CA Dashboard
  • My Task Co
  • Papilio
  • CCH iFirm
  • CA Office Automation
  • CA Automation


Joint purchase for 3 or more offices

    Training will be provided jointly. Payment in single transaction.



Past users of Jamku (Desktop Version)


Discounts cannot be combined.


Are the prices including GST?

No, GST will be levied over and above the prices mentioned (after discounts, if any). You will be issued digitally signed GST invoice from Madrecha Solutions Pvt Ltd, after payment. In case your company requires proforma invoice before making payment, you can request for the same via our support email ID.

Do you provide Monthly / Half Yearly plan?

Half yearly plans are provided only to offices with team size of more than 20, on request. No discounts are applicable on half yearly payment.

Is there any refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product, you can apply for refund within 10 days from payment. We shall refund 75% of the payment made. We will also issue a Credit Note, reversing GST paid.

What modes of payment are accepted?

We currently accept payment via bank transfer (IMPS / NEFT) and also through PayTM. Using Paytm, you can pay using Netbanking or UPI or Credit Card or Debit Card. We also plan to support the upcoming – Whatsapp Payment. To make payment via Paytm, use this link

Can I upgrade my Account

You can upgrade or degrade your account (the number of users) anytime. We charge on pro-rata basis. Prorata cost is round up to month.

In case of an upgrade, you need to make an additional payment. In case of a downgrade, you get an extension on the licencing date.

Fair Pricing

We can offer competitive prices because we follow a strict Value Addition based approach to development. After all, penny saved is penny earned.

We believe in transparency of the pricing.

  • Development – Salary, Training, Security Audit, Code Review, Testing, Development server cost.
  • Server – Main Application Server, Server backup, Disaster recovery site, Database Backup, AWS.
  • Licensing – Development Software, Code Library, Theme, Hosting software, bug reporting tool, ticketing tool.
  • Support – Admin Expense, Telephone, Support Staff.

The pie chart of how we spend our inflows.

Pay using Paytm