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Jamku Help Documentation To Guide You

Jamku – Fastest Office Management Software for CA, CS, CMA, Tax Consultants, Advocates and every professional.

Help / Documentation

This is the ultimate destination for getting answers to all the questions related to jamku.

Note: This Help is for Jamku 2.0. For the newer, better and faster version Jamku 3.0, check the Help document for Jamku 3.0 here.

1. Getting Started

A must read guide for first time users

  • Login / Signup
  • Sequence of Data Entry

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to save time

  • Standard keyboard shortcuts
  • Specific keyboard shortcuts

3. Client Add/Edit

  • Concept of Client
  • Creating a Client
  • Editing a Client
  • Client Tags
  • Bulk Import of Client
  • Linking of Client with other data

4. Task Add/Edit

  • Concept of Task
  • Creating a Task
  • Editing a Task
  • Bulk Import of Task
  • Link of Task with other data


5. Group Add/Edit

  • Concept of Client Group
  • Creating a Client Group
  • Editing a Client Group
  • Bulk Import of Client Group
  • Link of Client Group with other data

6. Service/Compliance

  • Concept of Compliance/Service
  • Creating a Compliance/Service
  • Addition of Compliance to Client
  • Compliance Report

7. Configuration

  • Category (Organizational Structure)
  • Office Setup

8. Billing

  • Creating Entity
  • Adding Location
  • Creating a Bill
  • Editing a Bill
  • Printing a Bill

9. Shortcut

  • Concept
  • Installing Plugin
  • Create
  • Edit & Delete
  • View

10. File Upload

  • Concept
  • Uploading
  • Features

11. Profile

  • Concept
  • Create
  • Edit & Delete
  • View

Don’t like reading help? Watch short vidoes explaining features of Jamku.

Watch these short video clips to understand how to use specific features of Jamku. Carefully scripted in easy and simple to understand English. All videos have Closed Captions, to make it even easier to learn Jamku. If you like it, do give us a thumbs up (Like) on Youtube. These videos are just a start, we plan to have such short clips explaining each and every aspect of Jamku Practice Management.