Get Started with Office Management Jamku – Fastest Office Management Software for CA, CS, CMA, Tax Consultants, Advocates and every professional.

1. Data Import

Once you have gathered data in Data Gathering Template, you schedule Data Import Session. Data Import session is conducted through AnyDesk or TeamViewer. Typically the data import session takes 1 Hour 30 mins to 2 Hours.
We recommend importing all the data in one go. The data import session is only done once. In future, if you need to import data, you can do it yourself and we assist in case of any problems faced. Download Data Gathering Template

2. Training

After data import, You schedule training for all Team Members. We teach them how to use the software, what are the features which can be used to better manage the office. If requested, we schedule a separate training for Partners/Managers.
We provide training in batch of 8/10 team Members. You can schedule the training by informing us a day in advance as per team member’s convience and availability.

Training and Data Import Done, what Next?

Implementing any system for your organization involves aligning existing processes to the new System. Implementing Jamku is no different. This page will list down the entire process for an effective implementation of Office Management Software.

Phase 1


Client, Client Grouping, Compliance, Task, Service Master


Get used to Jamku, create on going Tasks, Mark the task as Completed/Stuck to track the progress.


20 Days from Completing Training

Phase 2


Client Tag, Category, Compliance Dashboard, Task Dashboard, Task Stages, Notes Report


Get insights, learn how to ask right questions and get those answers from Jamku. No team is working on engagement which is not created as Task in Jamku. Feel comfortable in using the software. Stop using your existing process to keep track of tasks.


10 Days from Phase 1

Phase 3


Work Done,Work Done report, Muti Dimension Searching, Profile (Client’s – Password, PAN, GSTIN, Bank Details), Folder (Client’s – Box File, Digital Signature), Mobile App


Set the expectations with Team Members of using Jamku. Track how’s the office progressing. By end of Phase 3, you will have sole source of Truth.


15 to 25 Days from Phase 2

Phase 4


Billing & Money, File Upload, Group Profit Report


Track client wise profitability, Setup Billing process which will integrate with your accounting software.


15 Days from Phase 3

Periodic Meetings

Done with implementation? In this section, we outline the periodic meetings which the leadership / mangement should conduct to make most of the Jamku.

Monthly Meet

  1. Create Tasks using Compliance Report (Task > Compliance Report) & Assign Tasks to all Team Members using Copy Team feature in Compliance Report.
  2. Review work done (Task > Workdone Report) and lock the workdone period (Setting > Office Setup > Configuration Tab)
  3. Calendar (Task > Calendar) for Task & Reminder. Make sure all the recurring Tasks are created.
  4. Folder List Digital Signature (Client > Folder List) to know which digital signatures are expiring in next month and accordingly create tasks to apply for digital signature.
  5. Check if all the Tasks completed in last month are billed using Task Search (Task > Task list)

Weekly Meet

  1. Review Calendar (Task > Calendar) for Task & Reminder
  2. Review Compliance Dashboard (Task > Compliance Dashboard) to track progress of Tasks as due date approchaes
  3. Review Stage (Task > Task Stage) to track at which juncture the tasks have reached.
  4. Review Task Notes (Task > Task Notes) to know which are the tasks which are marked as completed in current week – hence do the billing, know which tasks are marked as stuck – hence escalate with client.
  5. Review Workdone Report (Task > Workdone Report) to check is all the team members are entering workdone, to know which clients are hogging team members time.

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