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Just email us : jamku.support@madrecha.com
While we say that we will respond within 1-2 hours (during working hours), we get back to you much faster than that.
We promise that the information submitted will not be shared with anyone other than Madrecha Group and it’s sister concerns. We promise to not spam you, if you are not interested in the product.

Working hours : Monday to Friday (10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

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  • Office Name: Your Office name, this will appear on navigation panel when team members log in to the Jamku.
  • Office ID: This is an alphanumeric ID under which all the information about your office will be saved. You can choose what this should be set, or leave it blank, and we will assign it automatically. This is used to uniquely identify the offices.
  • Owner Info: There can be maximum of 2 owners for the office. Owners have super admin privileges (authorization). Since Jamku has mobile number based login, mobile number is mandatory. If your office is not a partnership firm, skip filling owner2 name and owner2 mobile no.
  • Message: If you have anything to ask or specify, mention it in the message box. If not, just say – Signup. If you want to set up a paid account, mention number of users for whom you have purchased the license.
  • Licensing: If you have not made any payment, we will create a free account, this free account can be upgraded at any time.


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Can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade or downgrade the account anytime. The data will remain unaffected in case of upgrade/ downgrade. If you have questions on pricing, visit pricing FAQs.

Can I change Office Name?

You can change office name later, just email us the required changes.

What if I don't like Jamku?

If you don’t like Jamku, you can just inform us and we shall delete your data. You can keep your Jamku account as long as you like. The free account does not have any feature limitation. We are confident you will definitely like it.