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Concept of Team

Every member of the office is a Team Member. Team members login using their mobile number. In simple words, all office staff is considered as team member including owner/partners.

Example of Team Member

  1. Partner / Owner
  2. Manager
  3. Employee
  4. Article Assistant
  5. Intern

Permissions (aka authorizations) are assigned at team member level. Once the person logs in he is shown his own home screen with his task, reminder, hearing, attendance, work done.

Adding Team Member

Keyboard Shortcut 1c
Master authorization is required to create client.
Name Fields can only contain Letters, Numbers and Spaces. This is a prerequisite for Phonetic Searching.

The Name fields can be used to add categories to the client. What information you add to each of the name fields is upto you. But be consistent. When searching for the clients, all the name fields are considered.

A client needs to be part of a Client Group. This is a mandatory requirement.

Permissions (aka Authorizations)

Master Authorization is required to edit the client
To edit client, click on the client number on the Client Search page. On the client edit page you can add and delete client tags.