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Task Add/Edit

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Concept of Task

All the “THINGS” which we do for clients is a task. Team member working on the job is at task level. Hearing, Task Notes, Task Stages are at task level.

Examples of task:

Depending upto office needs a single job can be broken into multiple tasks. This is very subject preference, but here are some of the good and bad examples

Good Examples
  • PAN Card application
  • IT Return filling for 2018
  • GSTR1 Filling for Jan 2018
  • GSTR3B filling for Jan 2018
  • Project Report preparation
  • Loan Documents preparation
Bad Example

In a senario where you perform accounting, IT return filling and IT Audit for all clients on a yearly basis, then creating task for each sub process is a bad way of making usage of task.
While, if accounting work is done quaterly for a client and IT return filling and IT Audit is done yearly, then create 4 tasks for each quarter and 1 task for IT Return Filling.
ProTip: To keep track of the client where IT Audit is applicable, just tag the client as “TaxAudit”

Creating a task

Keyboard Shortcut 1t
Master authorization is required to create task.

Task Creation form consists of three parts :

1. Creation of task (Basic Information)

Name Fields can only contain Letters, Numbers and Spaces. This is a prerequisite for Phonetic Searching.

The Name fields can be used to add categories to the task. What information you add to each of the name fields is upto you. But be consistent. When searching for the tasks, all the name fields are considered.

2. Compliance/Service Related

This gives information whether the task is compliance related or not.

3. Other Information

Editing a task

Master Authorization is required to edit the task
To edit task, click on the task number on the Task Search page.

Bulk Import of Task

Admin Authorization is required to import task
To import task, fill in the data in the excel template and paste into the text box for importing. The import wizard guides you through the process and errors if any are listed. We recommend you import the data in batches of 50 records for better tracking of which tasks were imported and which record import failed.

Linking of other data to Task

Hearing: Hearing is created at task level. A task can have many hearings. The team which has been assigned to the hearing is assigned through task.

Stages: Once task stages are defined in Service Master, those are marked as completed at task level.

Task Note: Any note can be entered for a task and jamku will display it in chronological order.