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Profile Module provides an easy way to store and share client information with team members in a secured manner. Profile module can be used to save following information about client.

  • Contact Information (Mobile or other Telephone)
  • Email
  • Web Link (Website or Facebook or Twitter)
  • Bank Details (Bank Name, Account Type, Account Number)
  • Government Issued ID (Aadhar, GSTIN, TIN, CIN)
  • Insurance / Mediclaim Details

Apart from these custom fields, profile module also allows storing client’s password. Currently, Jamku supports storing following passwords

  • Income Tax (incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in)
  • Goods and Services Tax (gst.gov.in)
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs / ROC (mca.gov.in)
  • TDS / TRACES (tdscpc.gov.in)
  • Gmail / Google Account (accounts.google.com)
  • Other

Problem Statement

If you are not using Jamku to store client information, you would be storing these information in Excel Files or written on the physical files. While retrieving the information stored in Physical Files a lot of productive time is lost. If the information is stored in Excel, then there is no control over who has access to the information and who has access to make changes to these critical information.

Jamku provides a complete end to end solution to store and retrieve Client Information and Passwords by specifying permissions to team members. Permission can be configured to allow access to the information only if the client’s task is assigned to the team member. Thus ensuring that information is shared only on need to know basis.

Create / Add Shortcut

To create a profile, click on the profile button in Client View (Client List > Client View)

Once you click on “Profile” button the below pop up will show. Enter the information and click on Save. Pro Tip: Press Enter to Save.

Profile Examples

Profile has 3 types of confidentiality. These Conditionality provides a robust permission system to provide fine grain control of who has access to which data.

  • Public – No permission is required to Add / Edit / View profile saved with this confidentiality.
  • Private – “Profile” Permission is required to Add / Update  and “Profile View” Permission is required to View.
  • Password – “Password” Permission is required to Add / Update  and “Password View” Permission is required to View.

Profile Type for Private / Public are same i.e. Mobile, Email, Telephone, Bank, etc. Profile Type for Password are Income Tax, GST, MCA, TDS, Gmail, etc.

We have 3 fields for storing actual information.

  • Attribute – This is to store metadata about the profile (See Example below)
  • Information – Actual Profile information
  • Description – Additional Information


To store a Mobile Number

  • Attribute – Kishore Kumar (Name of the person)
  • Information – 998899889988 (Actual Mobile Number)
  • Description – Call only between 2 Pm to 6 PM. (Additional Information)

To store a Bank Details

  • Attribute – SBI Saving (Bank name and account type)
  • Information – 1122334455 (Actual Bank Account Number)
  • Description – IFSC Code: ABC12345, Branch: Nariman Point (Additional Information)

To store a ID

  • Attribute – Aadhar No (Name of the ID)
  • Information – 123456789 (Actual ID Number)
  • Description – Mother’s Name: Sita (Additional Information)

View Profile

Shortcuts can be viewed by going to the “Profile” tab on Client View (Client > Client List > Client View). There are 3 tabs under profile tab – Public, Private, Password.