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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts work across the software i.e. on all page of the Jamku.

Whenever these shortcut keys are pressed, you will land on the page specified for the pressed keys. In case of Menu, the menu nagigation will open, then using arrow key you can nagigate which page you want to visit. In case of back, it will take you to the last page visited before the current page.



Task Create


Client Create


Group Create


Receipt Create


Task Search


Bill Search


Client Search




Group Search


Receipt Search


Client Menu


Task Menu


Group Create


Setting Menu



Specific Keyboard Shortcuts

For Tabs

The shortcut key for specific tab on a particular page is highlighted on that tab name itself.

For example: In the image below to open the Compliance tab, the shortcut key is ‘C’ since it is highlighted. Similarlly, for Task tab and Reminder tab the shortcut keys are ‘T’ and ‘R’ respectively.


For Buttons

The shortcut key for specific button on a particular page is “b” followed by the key highlighted on that button name.

For example: In the image below to open the Reminder button, the shortcut key is ‘b’ followed by ‘r’ (since r is highlighted). Similarlly, for Edit button it will be ‘be’