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Concept of Hearing

Every person to whom you (i.e. office) provides services is called as client. In simple terms, every legal entity is a client. A client will have a unique PAN.

Examples of client:

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Partnership Firm
  • Trust

In a rare case, you may want to create more than client for a same person. Example: A trust has 3 didvisions for which there is seperate TAN (For TDS deduction) and you are providing services of TDS return filling for the client, then in this case, you will create 3 clients even though the person has same PAN.

Creating a hearing

Keyboard Shortcut bh (to be entered when in task view)

Master authorization is required to create client.
Name Fields can only contain Letters, Numbers and Spaces. This is a prerequisite for Phonetic Searching.

The Name fields can be used to add categories to the client. What information you add to each of the name fields is upto you. But be consistent. When searching for the clients, all the name fields are considered.

A client needs to be part of a Client Group. This is a mandatory requirement.

Hearing List

Master Authorization is required to edit the client
To edit client, click on the client number on the Client Search page. On the client edit page you can add and delete client tags.

Editing a Hearing

Master Authorization is required to Add / Delete tags

To edit a particular hearing, click on the edit button provided across that hearing in the hearing list. A pop-up will open up. Enter the details and click on update button.

Bulk Import of Client

Admin Authorization is required to import client
To import client, fill in the data in the excel template and paste into the text box for importing. The import wizard guides you thriugh the process and errors if any are listed. We recommend you import the data in batches of 50 records for better tracking of which clients were imported and which record import failed.

Linking of other data to Client

Client Group: Clients are child of Client Group. There is a Many to One mapping between client and client group

Compliance: Compliances are assigned at Client Level.

Custom Data: Custom data such as passwords, other details are stored at client level.

Tag: Tags are stored at Client Level.