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Group Add/Edit

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Concept of Client Group

A group can be created comprising of all clients for whom same billing is to be done.

Examples of client group:

  • Members of same family
  • Corporate group and it’s sister concern

Even if there exist a single client, you need to create a client group. Client Group is a mandatory field.

Use the name of the head of the family as the group name for easy remembrance.

Creating a client group

Keyboard Shortcut 1g

Master authorization is required to create client group.

Group Name can only contain Letters, Numbers and Spaces. This is a prerequisite for Phonetic Searching.

The Name fields can be used to add categories to the client. What information you add to each of the name fields is upto you. But be consistent. When searching for the groups, all the name fields are considered.

A client needs to be part of a Client Group. This is a mandatory requirement.

Editing a client group

Master Authorization is required to edit the client group

To edit client group, click on the group number on the Group Search page.

Bulk Import of Client Group

Admin Authorization is required to import client group

To import client group, fill in the data in the excel template and paste into the text box for importing. The import wizard guides you through the process and errors if any are listed. We recommend you import the data in batches of 50 records for better tracking of which groups were imported and which record import failed.

Linking of other data to Client Group

Client: Clients are child of Client Group. There is a Many to One mapping between client and client group. A group is required to create a client.

Bill: Invoice/bill is created at client group level and not at client level. This is to ensure that single bill can be created for task across clients. Example: A single bill can be prepared for a family for all the tasks across clients under that family.

Receipt: Similar to bill receipts are created at group level.