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File Upload

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Help created on: 28 August 2018

Topics Covered

  1. Features
  2. Uploading File
  3. Version Control
  4. Security


File Module helps in uploading digital files such as – Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Zip to Jamku server. These files can then be downloaded by other team members (if they have permission) and Client (If file is marked as visible to client). The core idea behind file uploading is to share the files and help in collaboration. The team members after downloading the file can make the changes and reupload. The reupload files are marked as latest version and old files are retained for historical changes.

  • Super easy drag and drop file upload. Supports draging folder to upload all the files in the folder.
  • Control which users have access to file upload (Through permissions)
  • Superfast file upload and donwload. When uploading files more than 5Mb, files are automatically split and uploaded in parallel.
  • Uploading a big file on crappy network? If file upload fails because of network issues, Jamku automatically retries to upload the file.

Even if the offices where all the team members work out of single office premises and are not looking for collaboration features and benefit from an extra layer of file backup. The File upload feature will help in storing a redundant backup of final files. The idea behind this is to upload final files once the task is completed and use Jamku file Upload Module as archival repository.

Uploading File

Files can be uploaded to a Client Or a Task. To upload file, click on “Files” button on “Client View” or “Task View”.


We understand that File uploading requires special security measure. After all it is critical and confidential client data. Hense, we entrusted the security of files to AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS uses milirary grade firewalls and all datacenters are geo redundant. Jamku servers don’t store any catched data.

All the the file uploading to AWS servers are directly between browser and AWS server. This has 3 advantages

  1. Complete privacy of the data stored on AWS. Jamku servers don’t receive any uploaded files.
  2. Because no other server is involved, no risk of middle man attack or phissing attack.
  3. Super fast upload and download speed

AWS servers provide 99.999% availability. Hence you can rest assured about the file availability.