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Concept of Service/Compliance

Every service which is provided to the client is termed as service. Services can be divided into compliance and non-compliance. Every service which is to be repeated periodically is marked as compliance.

Examples of Service marked as compliance:

  • GSTR 1
  • GSTR 3B
  • IT Return Filing
  • ROC Annual Return Filing
  • ROC Auditor Confirmation
  • TDS Return Filing

Examples of service marked as not compliance:

  • PAN card application
  • Project Report
  • GST Registration

Creating a compliance/service

Admin authorization is required to create compliance/service.
To add or create a compliance/service, click on ‘Add Service’ button in Services Master.

Service Cost: It is an estimated standard cost for that particular service. This standard cost is copied to task. If you feel that for a particular task, the standard cost should be higher/lower than already entered, it can be edited at task level. This is found in taskview billing tab.

Addition of Compliance to Client

Once service master is set up, we need to assign which compliance is applicable for a client. To assign compliance to a client, open the client in clientview and click on compliance button. This will open up a dialog box as shown below. The compliances which are added to a client can be viewed by going to compliance tab in clientview.

Compliance Report

This is the most important report for day-to-day compliance tracking. To run this report, first click compliance name in the service tab. This will select the compliance for which we are checking the report. When we click on service name, this will take us to the client tab.

On the client tab, we get the list of all the clients for selected compliance name and periodicity. On the task tab, we get list of all the tasks for selected compliance name,periodicity and period. On non compliance tab, we will get list of all client for which task has not been created yet.

For keeping track of compliance, first make sure all tasks are created. Once all tasks are created the non compliance tab will be empty.