Change Log

0.1.8 – 19 Apr 2018

  1. New: Compliance Dashboard. Thanks to CA Mahavir Saklecha for the suggestion.
  2. Implemented: New navigation menu shortcuts. Use comma(,)c/t/m/s to open navigation menu. This will increase productivity.
  3. Fixed: Task Search now shows client and group name on hover.
  4. Fixed: Breadcrumbs implementation now complete. If you find it missing, let us know.

0.1.7 – 15 Apr 2018

  1. Rework: Compliance Report has now many functionalities. Features added – task searching, keyboard shortcuts, export to excel & bug fixes.
  2. Implemented: Client Name refresh option in Task Create. Thanks to CA Shrikant Yannam for the suggestion.
  3. Fixed: Group Profitability report, now report shows partly billed tasks as unbilled tasks.
  4. Fixed: Staff Name is now shown instead of a mobile number in Task Stage Tab in Task View
  5. Fixed: Task can now be created without reference to a Service.
  6. Started: Breadcrumbs to know where you are currently in the software and Help links.

0.1.6 – 08 Apr 2018

  1. Implemented: Import of Client Group, Client, Task
  2. Fixed: Hearing search shortcut, now .h works across all the pages.
  3. Fixed: Few bugs here and there.

0.1.5 – 02 Apr 2018

  1. Implemented: Task Dashboard (beta)
  2. Implemented: Feedback button across the software. Now users can just point and click to share feedback with screenshot.
  3. Fixed: Client PAN now appears in Capital Letters
  4. Fixed: Some spelling mistakes & minor bugs

0.1.4 – 13 Mar 2018

  1. Implemented: Auto Task Creation. A task for a compliance can be auto-created in Compliance Report > Non-Compliance Tab
  2. Implemented: Global Keyboard shortcuts

0.1.3 – 05 Mar 2018

  1. Implemented: Added Hearing Search. Now all the hearings can be searched on a single page.
  2. Implemented: Hearing tab in Client View and Group View. Hearing for a client/group can be viewed through this tab.

0.1.2 – 01 Mar 2018

  1. This is the first beta version for the public.
  2. Implemented: Task Stages, Hearing, Reminder, Task Notes
  3. Implemented: Client Group, Client, Work Done Module

0.1.1 – 01 Sep 2017

  1. Received suggestions from the existing Jamku Customers to develop an online version of Jamku. Hense in September, we decided to start with Online Jamku Office Management.
  2. We decided that Jamku will be built on cutting edge technology and will be one day the largest online office management software in India.