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Change Log

The changes mentioned on this page pertains to version 2 of Jamku.

For list of changes in Jamku 3 visit – help.jamku.app/changes/

2.1.0 – 20 October 2019

  1. New – 3 New Permissions – Task Create, Client Report and Bulk Task.
  2. Improvement – Task Description allows special characters.

2.0.0 – 12 October 2019

  1. New РJamku 3 launched in beta mode. Check out help.jamku.app/getting-started/jamku2 for more details.
  2. New – The current version of Jamku will be called as Jamku 2. The changes in Jamku 3 is moved to separate website –¬†https://help.jamku.app/changes/
  3. New – Import(Setting > Data Import) for Task Status (Only allows tasks to be changed to Ignore in bulk).
  4. New – Import(Setting > Data Import) for Task Service Change (For fixing Tasks created without service ID).
  5. Improvement – Group name now allows 50 characters.
  6. Improvement – Legal Name while creating Bill Location now allows 150 characters.

0.10.5 – 26 September 2019

  1. New – Receipt Delete functionality
  2. Improvement – In Task Custom Fields report (Task > Task Custom Fields), the table now has Filters’ to quickly search for team members.
  3. Improvement – Work Done report (Task > Work Done Report) now also has a Category column.
  4. Improvement – Now you can add your workdone from Client List (Client > Client List) and Task List (Task > Task List) by clicking on the Created Date Column.
  5. Improvement – Now you can change the status of task of a client from Client view (Client > Client View) Task tab by clicking on the Info Column.

0.10.4 – 17 September 2019

  1. New – Export(Setting > Data Export) for Uploaded files.
  2. Improvement – Bill Location now has an option to enter a country name.

0.10.3 – 09 September 2019

  1. New – Import(Setting > Data Import) for Client Location, Stage Master and Task Fields.
  2. New – Export(Setting > Data Export) for Client Profile, Client Location and Task Fields

0.10.2 – 08 September 2019

  1. New – Client View (Client > Client View) now has a new tab ‚Äď “Bill Location”, where you can add and view the bill location at client level. Earlier, we could add location only for a Client Group.
  2. New – Fields Tab in (Client > Client View) now has Sync Fields button, which syncs your newly created fields to your old tasks.
  3. Improvement – Field Name ( Setting > Compliance/services > Field Master Edit ) now allows special characters.
  4. Improvement – Bill Print Line allows special characters.
  5. Improvement – Calendar (Task > Calendar) Task List now also has a client name column.
  6. Improvement – In Task Custom Fields report (Task > Task Custom Fields), the table now has Filters’ to quickly search for the Group/Client Name, Client/Group/Task Profit Center and Cost Center.

0.10.1 – 18 August 2019

  1. Improvement – Calendar (Task > Calendar) Task List Details now only shows Going and Stuck task.
  2. Improvement – Work Done report (Task > Work Done) now presents a limited report if full report permission is set to No.

0.10.0 – 04 August 2019

  1. New: Custom Task Field Module РWant to track some information about Task? Now you add new fields to task and search them. Example: Refund amount for income tax return, Name of the CIT. To add Fields to the Task, visit Setting > Services > Field.
  2. New: Adidiitonal Bill format for printinhg. Want to try out the new format, change the bill print URL fom billprint01.php to billprint02.php
  3. Improvement: Added hearing status in Calendar View.
  4. Bug: Fixed a bug in Hearing list in Calendar View. 

0.9.0 – 15 June 2019

  1. New: Communication Module РSend SMS to clients in Bulk.

0.8.4 – 25 May 2019

  1. Improvement: Bill & Receipt Numbering overhaul. The number now allows certain special characters (-/\.) Also, Number length increased to 16 from existing 10.
  2. Improvement: Work Done report (Task > Work Done) now honours Full Report Permission.
  3. Improvement: Reminder search (Client > Reminder) now honours Full Report Permission.
  4. Improvement: Reminder search has the same search and filter functionalities like any other report. Added Multi Dimension search.
  5. Improvement: Calendar (Task > Calendar) Reminder list now also has a Team Member Column.
  6. New: Service (Setting > Service) now has a new settings option to allow or disallow completing a Task if stages for the task are pending.
  7. New: Service (Setting > Service) now has a new settings option to allow or disallow completing a Task if stages for the task are pending.
  8. Bug: When deleting a client, the software will check if the client has a reminder. If a reminder exists for a client, it will not allow deleting the client.

0.8.3 – 14 Apr 2019

  1. New: Calendar (Task > Calendar) – New Way to visualize due dates for Task and Reminder. It also shows client’s birthday.
  2. Improvement: Added Copy and Excel button in Money Tab in Group View (Group > Group List > Group View).

0.8.2 – 14 Apr 2019

  1. New: Auto Task completion percentage update. When a Stage is marked as completed, the Task’s % completed is automatically updated.¬†
  2. Improvement: Task Stage Report (Task > Task Stage) now contains additional column – Person who has marked the stage as completed.
  3. Improvement: Task Verification notes can now contain any characters. Earlier only alpha numeric was allowed.
  4. Improvement: A task can be verified from the Task Search (Task > Task List) itself. No need to open the task to verify. Just like updating task status, now we have task verification by clicking on completed date column.
  5. Fixed: Reminder Search (Client > Reminder List) now show dot (.) if there is no client associated with the reminder.
  6. Fixed: When deleting a Task Stage in Service Master (Setting > Service > Stage Master), a proper warning is shown when deleting a Stage.

0.8.1 – 31 Mar 2019

  1. New: Client’s can login through Client Portal and download the files uploaded to Tasks.
  2. Improvement: Under the hood improvement to increase loading speed of Home Page, Login Page and Bill Edit Page.
  3. Improvement: Compliance Report (Task > Compliance Report) now allows you to filter Services based on Periodicity.
  4. Improvement: Updated the layout of the Landing Page of Jamku. Added Client Portal Link.
  5. Improvement: If you are added to more than 1 office, Jamku will automatically login you to the active office. This will save time on every login and avoid confusion while logging in.

0.8.0 – 10 Mar 2019

  1. New: Beta Launch of Client Login. You can now activate login for your clients. (Client > Client List > Client View > Profile Tab).
  2. New: Faster Client List Loading. Client List now also contains information on whether client login is enabled.

0.7.5 – 24 Feb 2019

New: Venn Diagram based Multidimensional searching. At Jamku, our constant endeavour is to help you better manage your office. The best methodology to manage office is by asking better questions. Jamku, at its heart helps you in asking better questions and answering those questions. With launch of Multi Dimension searching in August 2018, we embarked upon answering the most complex questions you could ever have. Today, with launch of Venn Diagram based Multidimensional searching, we complete this journey. (Client > Multi Dimension)

0.7.4 – 14 Feb 2019

  1. New: Task Notes (Task > Task Notes) Report now also shows Task Stages which are marked as completed. Also Added Task Status Column.
  2. New: When changing password (Your Name > Change Password), Jamku now tells you how secure your new password is.
  3. New: Import now supports Client Tag. Now quickly add client tags to multiple clients in one go.
  4. New: Added Profile section for Team Member. Team members can now store their email ID in Jamku. The idea is to use this email ID for sending email notification in later version of Jamku.
  5. Improvement: Task Search is more faster and column width is dynamic.
  6. Improvement: Task Notes now allows special characters. Also manually added Task Notes can be deleted. The Character limit for Task Notes is increased to 300 from 100.
  7. Improvement: Task Notes (Task > Task Notes) Report now shows Team’s Name instead of Team’s Mobile Number.
  8. Fixed: Client Search (Client > Client List) had a bug when new clients were filtered out when using Multi Client. This bug is now fixed.

0.7.3 – 05 Feb 2019

Default Task Team Members

  1. New: Now you can specify which team members are automatically added to Task when the Task is created. This feature is called as “Default Team Member”. The Team members can be defined for a service or for a Client. This feature was suggested by CA Vikesh Agrawal.
  2. New: Now in single click remove deactivated team member from Going and Stuck tasks. (Setting > Data Info > De-active Team Member). This feature was suggested by Shalini Vishvakarma.
  3. Improvement: Compliance Table in Client View and Profile table in Client View now shows last modified by and time.
  4. Improvement: Reminder Edit Screen now shows last modified by and time.
  5. Fixed: Task Noted (Task > Task Notes) used to exclude the last date, this is now fixed. Also fixed the filtering bug.
  6. Fixed: Task Scheduler used to show inactive services. This is now fixed.
  7. Fixed: Keyboard Shortcut in Group Edit was not working, this is now Fixed.
  8. Fixed: Version 0.7.0 added a bug which allowed tasks which are verified to be edited. This is now fixed.

0.7.2 – 26 Jan 2019

New Task Notes Report

  1. New: A new report “Task Notes” launched. This will help answering more answers from Jamku. Now you can ask which are task who’s status changed during a time period. This feature was suggested by CA Ashok Madrecha.
  2. Improvement: To view list of all password for in Profile Search (Client > Profile List) does not require admin permission.
  3. Improvement: Hearing Description now allows special characters.
  4. Fixed: Task Scheduler used to show inactive services. This is now fixed.

0.7.1 – 21 Jan 2019

Task Scheduler Launched.

  1. New: A new feature “Task Scheduler” launched. Before this feature, Offices used to reply on “Compliance Dashboard” to keep track whether the tasks are created for client or not. This new module will provide a mechanism to track this in efficient manner. This is completely optional feature and is only recommended for offices with very complex¬† recurring Compliance. This feature was suggested by CA Vikesh Agrawal.
  2. Improvement: The bulk task creation in Compliance Report (Task > Compliance Report) now has better error messages.
  3. Improvement: Compliance Report now by default only shows details of Active Clients. There is an option provided to also show Inactive Client.
  4. Improvement: Service Master now has detailed help.
  5. Fixed: Login button sometimes used to become unresponsive on slow internet connection. This is now fixed.
  6. Fixed: Folder table in Client and Group View now have better column spacing.

0.7.0 – 14 Jan 2019

Knowledge Base Module Launched.

  1. New: A new module “Knowledge Base” launched. This module will help offices train their team members and make them proficient in Excel and related technologies. Currently the module is provided for free to all offices. In near future this module will be chargeable.
  2. New: Profile Import. Now you can bulk import Client Contacts, Password, Custom fields. 
  3. Improvement: Client Number can be edited once the client is created. However once the task is added to the client, client number cannot be edited.
  4. Improvement: Task list in Group view now shows client name instead of client number.
  5. Fixed: In rare cases the task was unexpectedly saved on pressing enter. This bug is now fixed.
  6. Fixed: Keyboard shortcut for receipt create is now working.
  7. Fixed: Some bugs in Client Communication (SMS) Module (Currently in beta)

0.6.7 – 01 Jan 2019

This update is our largest update so far. It has tons of under the hood update, which makes Jamku more faster and scalable.

  1. New: Jamku mobile app is launched on Google Play store.
  2. New: When a team member is added to a task, a notification is sent on Mobile App.
  3. New: Client Communication SMS is now in the testing phase for few offices.
  4. New: Shortcut module now supports integration with Onedrive, Google Drive, Box and similar file-sharing platforms.
  5. New: Reminder delete functionality.
  6. Improvement: In Bill edit, Unbilled task table now has Filters to quickly search for the task/client.
  7. Improvement: In compliance report, while copying team members, the compliance option now shows periodicity.
  8. Improvement: Workdone can now be entered with an interval of 3 mins instead of 15 mins earlier.
  9. Improvement: While adding new workdone time, users will see time in hours.
  10. Fixed: Fixed bug task unverify is now working. This bug was introduced in v0.6.5
  11. Fixed: Task Edit and Task View now load faster.

0.6.6 – 28 Nov 2018

  1. New: Jamku mobile app is launched in beta. 
  2. Improvement: Bill Print lines (Money > Bill List > Bill Edit) can now contain carriage return. Hence you can split the description into multiple lines. Also the number of characters increased from 100 to 300 characters.
  3. Improvement: On bill add screen (Client > Group List > Group View >> Bill Button), when an entity is selected last 3 bills of the entity and client group are shown. This will help in resuming editing of the exiting bill if any already created as well as help in maintaining continuous bill number series.
  4. Improvement: Bill search (Money > Bill List) now has new functionality
    1. Buttons to quickly enter dates
    2. Multi Dimension searching based on multiple client groups
    3. Added entity filter
    4. Bill export to excel and copy now contains Entity Name column
  5. Improvement: Client Import and Group Import (Setting > Data Import > Client / Group) now automatically replaces special characters. Hence there will be lesser chances of import error. Also added option to convert data being imported to proper case.
  6. Fixed: Amount in words in Bill Print (Money > Bill List > Bill Edit > Bill Print) now is formatted in proper case. Earlier it was lower case.
  7. Fixed: Remark in Bill Print now supports multiple lines (i.e. carriage return)

0.6.5 – 11 Nov 2018

  1. Improvement: Added 3 new password types – TDS Income tax, PTRC, PTEC
  2. Fixed: Profile attribute at the time of updating used to reject special characters. Now this is fixed.
  3. Improvement: Refactored client view code, client view page now loads faster.

0.6.5 – 11 Nov 2018

  1. Improvement: Profile Search (Client > Profile List) now supports viewing and searching passwords for all the clients in one go. This will require admin permission.
  2. New: Add a data collection template. New users can use this master data collection template to quickly ready the data for importing in Jamku.
  3. Improvement: Hearing search is completely revamped. Now it has all the features which Task search namely – Fuzzy Date, Client Name / Number search, Multi Task, Multi Client, Multi Group, Task Category, Client Category.
  4. New: As a step towards Client Communication module, we have added Email ID and City fields to Office Setup.

0.6.4 – 04 Nov 2018

  1. Improvement: Profile Search (Client > Profile List) now supports viewing and searching passwords for all the clients in one go. This will require admin permission.
  2. New: Add a data collection template. New users can use this master data collection template to quickly ready the data for importing in Jamku.
  3. Improvement: Hearing search is completely revamped. Now it has all the features which Task search namely – Fuzzy Date, Client Name / Number search, Multi Task, Multi Client, Multi Group, Task Category, Client Category.
  4. New: As a step towards Client Communication module, we have added Email ID and City fields to Office Setup.

0.6.3 – 20 Oct 2018

  1. New: Added new “Profile Search” (Client > Profile List). Profile Search enables viewing and searching profile for all the clients in one go.
  2. Improvement: When you click on login button on Welcome page of Jamku (i.e. jamku.madrecha.com) will check if you are logged in. If yes will directly take you to Home page. If not will take to Login Page. Earlier irrespective of whether the user is logged in not, login page was shown.
  3. Improvement: Client View now contains “Folder” button to create a new folder (i.e. File, Digital Signature, Record, Bag)
  4. Improvement: Client Create button (on Group View), Task Create button (on Client View) now will also fill the client name. Thus faster data entry.
  5. Improvement: Added Icons on Profile Tab in Client View.

0.6.2 – 13 Oct 2018

  1. Improvement: Task stage report (Task > Task Stage) now has Profile Button (In Pending Tab). This will help in quickly following up with client.
  2. Improvement: Bill Printing now checks if the amount of a line is zero or not, if it is zero, amount field is hidden. This will help in creating sub- itemised bill.
  3. Improvement: Team List (Setting > Team) now shows all the active permissions. Permission searching now works as expected.
  4. Improvement: Added help to Task Stage
  5. Fixed: Work Done Limit setting page (Setting > Office setup > Configuration Tab) now does not produce an error. This bug was introduced in version 0.6.0

0.6.1 – 19 Sep 2018

  1. New: Bill Location can now be deleted. In Client Group View (Client > Group List > Group View) under “Bill Location” Tab.
  2. Improvement: Bill Search (Money > Bill List) now shows loading icon while the data is fetched from server.
  3. Fixed: Bill Print – In case of non-GST entity, PAN number was not shown. This is now fixed.

0.6.0 – 16 Sep 2018

  1. New: This update brings in a completely new module – “Profile”
  2. New: Profile module will help in managing – Client Contacts, Client Custom Fields, Passwords
  3. New: 4 new permissions – Profile, Profile View, Password, Password View
  4. Improvement: Bill Search (Money > Bill List) is now redesigned and has all the information which you expect.

0.5.1 – 28 Aug 2018

  1. New:Your Task Table (Home) Now contains a drop down to filter type of Task (Feature Request by CA Kamlesh Kothari)
  2. New: Impoved security – Login page now has Invisible ReCaptcha. This protects against brute force attack.
  3. New: Client Description Field added to Client Edit (Client > Client Edit). This can be used to store general information about the client.
  4. New: Export (Setting > Data Export) now supports exporting – Task Team, Reminder, Reminder Team, Folder
  5. Improvement: Task Tab in Group View and Client View has Task No copy buttons for Multi Dimention searching.
  6. Improvement: Reminder Tab in Client View now shows team member name instead of mobile no.
  7. Improvement: File Permission is not visible in Team (Setting >Team)
  8. Improvement: Money Tab in Group View has links to edit Bill and Reciepts; amount is now properly formatted. Removed Bill Tab.
  9. Fixed: Group Profit Report (Money > Group Profit) used to round amount to nearest 100 rs. Now this is fixed. This bug was introduced in version 0.3.4

0.5.0 – 25 Aug 2018

  1. New: File Upload Module launched. The most anticipated module is finally here.
  2. New: Upload digital files to Jamku. This will act as a anytime anywhere access to files as well as additional backup of client files.
  3. New: If uploaded file has same name, it will increment the file version and save both the files.
  4. Improvement: Folder Search (Client > Folder List) now supports fuzzy date search. Additional fuzzy search by term “expired”.
  5. Improvement: Bill Delete. Bill Edit Screen (Money > Bill List > Bill Edit)  has a new Delete button. Users will need Delete permission to delete bill.
  6. Improvement: Login page now loads faster and has subtle design improvements.
  7. Fixed: Task list in Group View was showing created date in Completed date column. This is now fixed.

0.4.1 – 11 Aug 2018

  1. New: Multi Dimension report searching. Now you can filter based on multiple Task or Client. This will help in getting new answers from Jamku. Example: Income Tax Task Status of GST Clients? Task Status of clients tagged “Jewellery”? Task Stage Status of a Task assigned to a Team member?
  2. New: Task Stage (Task > Task Stage) now has a new tab – “Completed”, which shows tasks where the selected stage is completed.
  3. New: Task Stage report revamped with all the features you expect.
  4. Improvement: Client Name is now shown in “Your Task” table in Home Screen. Earlier Client No was shown.
  5. Improvement: Marking a Task Stage as completed will now also capture Time. Earlier, only date was captured.
  6. Improvement: Fuzzy Date search now also works on Home Screen – Your Task, Reminder, Hearing table.
  7. Improvement: On home page if the due date has passed, Dates will now turn red.
  8. Fixed: Fixed bug in Your Task Table. High priority Tasks are now shown above other tasks.
  9. Fixed: Fixed a bug in Fuzzy Date Searching. Fuzzy date searching now works correctly. Fuzzy search allows to search dates using simple English terms : today, yesterday, tomorrow, thisweek, lastweek, nextweek, lastmonth, thismonth, nextmonth.

0.4.0 – 08 Aug 2018

  1. New: Shortcuts Module. Check out Shortcut Help to install prerequisite for this module to function as intended.
  2. New: Save shortcuts to your files and folders on PC in Jamku. Then Click on Jamku will open the file or folder directly in Jamku.
  3. New: Reminder Report (Client > Reminder List). Now search and manage reminders across all team members at single location.
  4. Fixed: Minor table width issues.

0.3.4 – 31 Jul 2018

  1. New: Filtered Reports. Now you can set permission (authorization) for which team members can view full reports and who only view a filtered report. The users who don’t have “Full Report” permission, will only see the filtered report. For example, in the case of client search, will only get a list of clients to whom they have assigned tasks. In the case of group search, only get a list of client groups for whom they have assigned tasks.
  2. New: Copy Team from previous tasks. When creating periodic tasks, the most time-consuming activity was to assign team members their respective tasks. Now Jamku provides a tool to copy team member from earlier tasks. In Compliance Report ( Task > Compliance Report) in Tasks Tab there is a button named “Copy Team”. It will ask which tasks to copy from and all the team members will get copied to selected tasks.
  3. Improved: Earlier in Compliance Report “Task Create” used to create a task for all the clients where the task was not already created. Now you can select clients for which task is to be created in bulk.
  4. Improved: Compliance report now understands fuzzy date searches similar to task search.
  5. Improved: Group Profit Report (Money > Group Profit) is now better formatted and also includes group name.
  6. Improved: Task Export (Setting > Data Export) now also contains billing detail. However, billing permission is now required to extract this.
  7. Improved: Compliance Report now shows Team Member name in Task Table.
  8. Improved: Highlight filter box if a table is filtered because of the search term in the filter box. Currently, live in Client, Task, Group search.
  9. Improved: If the team member is an owner (i.e. super admin) then a smiley is shown in Team List (Setting > Team).
  10. Fixed: A bug in the task view in rare cases caused team members to be added to nonselected tasks. Now it’s fixed. Thanks to Shalini.
  11. Fixed: A bug caused group name to be incorrect in task view. Now it is fixed. Thanks to CA Sagar Devadiga.

0.3.3 – 24 Jul 2018

  1. New: Notification Report (Task > Notification). This new report helps to answer the question – Which new Tasks are assigned to me and when & What changes are made to the tasks assigned to me.
  2. Improvement: Task Search (Task > Task List) now shows client name instead of client number. This was highly requested feature and now it’s finally here.
  3. New: Search for new clients. If a client or client group is created in the last 30 days, there will be a small green marker next to the client/group number.
  4. New: Quickly filter new clients by entering “New” in client/group number column filter.
  5. Improvement: Added help video links (Top Right Corner) to Task Search (Task > Task List) and Compliance Report (Task > Compliance Report).
  6. Improvement: Show all the permissions of team members on the Team List (Setting > Team).
  7. Improvement: Added detailed help on client searching (Client > Client List).
  8. Fixed: The link to “End user license agreement” (EULA) was broken on the login page. Now it is fixed.
  9. Fixed: Task Notes are now sorted as per the date & time. Earlier time was not considered.

0.3.2 – 17 Jul 2018

  1. New: Change Due Date of all the Tasks for a period. Go to Task > Compliance Report > Task Tab and click on “Change Due Date” button.
  2. New: Work done description was earlier limited to 50 characters. Now it can be 100 characters long.
  3. Improvement: Since Work Done description can now be longer, it will be truncated in Work Done Report (Task > Work Done Report). Hover over description to view the full text of the work description.
  4. Fixed: In cases of users having high tying speed, a letter was skipped while filtering Task, Client, Group Table. Now, this is fixed. The software will wait for the users to finish typing and then filter the results.
  5. Improvement: Task Name can now be edited if the task was created without selecting from the services list.
  6. Improvement: Task Search – Excel and Copy now also contains extra columns such as – Team Members, Client & Group Categories.
  7. Fixed: Due to updates v0.3.0 and v0.3.1 Excel and Copy used to export some HTML formatting to excel. Now, this is fixed.
  8. Fixed: In v0.3.1 ability to search by client no and group no was removed from Task Search. Now the functionality is back. Now you can search by client/group name or number.

0.3.1 – 14 Jul 2018

  1. New: Completely Revamp “Work Done” Report (Task > Work Done)
  2. New: Now Work Done Report is grouped according to “Client Group” and “Service” apart from existing “Team Member” grouping.
  3. New: Service Level grouping of workdone will help in identifying major hours spend on which compliance, especially when the due date is fast approaching.
  4. New: Advance Date Filtering in “Task Search”, “Work Done Report”, “Your Task (Home)”.
  5. New: Now filter dates based on fuzzy names such as “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Tomorrow”, “ThisWeek”, “LastMonth“, “1st” (Quarter 1)
  6. New: Now Filter dates based on Weekday example: “Mon”, “Wed”, “Sat”.
  7. Update: We updated some core libraries. This will result in more faster code execution and overall better user experience of using Jamku.
  8. Fixed: Work Done Delete would give an error. Now it’s fixed. This was introduced in v0.3.0.
  9. Fixed: Login Log, earlier on clicking on details button would give an error. Now it’s fixed.

0.3.0 – 08 Jul 2018

  1. The main highlight of the update is to provide fine grain control over permission
  2. This update completely revamps the permission system, go to Team Edit and review the permissions assigned to all the team members.
  3. Jamku now supports Object level permission. Example: earlier team member could have “task edit” or not have “task edit” permission. Now team member can be given permission to edit his own tasks.
  4. All future modules (features) permissions are also added in this update. Example: File Upload, Contact, etc.
  5. In order to implement this new big change, we had to make changes to more then 180 files, while we tested it thoroughly, if you find any permission does not behave as it supposed to, please email the details to support helpdesk email.

0.2.3 – 27 Jun 2018

  1. The main highlight of the update is to the addition of Folder Module
  2. Now you can manage Physical File Records, Digital Signature through Folder Module.
  3. Redesign: Task Search is redesigned for ease of use and faster loading from the server.
  4. New: Import physical file records in Jamku (Folder Module)
  5. New: Client and Group View has Folder tab to view files, digital signature of the client/group.
  6. New: Client view now shows team members working for the client when clicked on Task tab.
  7. Fixed: On Home > “Your Task Table”, now you can search using client name.
  8. Improvement: When adding a team member to the task in Task Edit, now spinner is shown when the server is processing request.

0.2.2 – 17 Jun 2018

  1. The mail highlight of the update is to give you control of your data
  2. Suggestions Invited: We are inviting suggestions for the upcoming feature of managing physical file records (aka Index)
  3. New: Added “Data Info” menu under “Setting”
  4. New: Now you can view all the history of who logged in when and at what time and from where.
  5. Implemented: When you delete Client Group / Client / Task / Work Done, now this data are not permanently lost. They are stored in the delete logs table.
  6. New: Delete Logs can be viewed from “Setting > Data Info > Delete Logs”.
  7. Implemented: Client Group & Client Deactivation – If a client does not avail any services from you, just deactivate.
  8. Fixed: There was a bug introduced in v2.0 in “Task Edit”. The Client Name was appearing as blank. Now it has been fixed.

0.2.1 – 29 May 2018

  1. This update focuses on improving User Interface. There are many subtle changes to make jamku look better and more functional.
  2. New: Added button to delete workdone in Work Done Report (Detail)
  3. New: Added functionality to undo task verification. On the same task verification dialogue now had “Un-Verify” Button.
  4. Fixed: In some cases, the time of last updated was shown in UTC Time Zone instead of India Time Zone. Now this has been fixed.
  5. Fixed: Bill printing margins fixed. Use chrome browser to change page margins while printing.
  6. Implemented: Task No has a link to Task View in Work Done report. Also added task name and period in the report.

0.2.0 – 19 May 2018

  1. This is a major update with many new features. In case you find anything broken, please email us.
  2. New: Bill printing is finally here. Thanks for your patience. Read more about billing in Jamku.
  3. New: Introducing new master – “Entity”. All bills and receipt are now created for an entity. You can create Entity in Office Setup.
  4. New: Numbering setting for Bill and Receipt moved to an entity from numbering tab. Numbering can be customized for each and every entity independent of one another.
  5. New: Introducing new master – “Client Location”. Client location is used to create a bill for different location of the same client. A client can have more than 1 GSTIN. Hence client location can be added accordingly.
  6. New: Work Done information on the Home page. Beautiful line chart of day wise workdone entered for a month.
  7. Implemented: Task Create and Task Edit page now have a keyboard shortcut to quickly save the task.
  8. Fixed: In compliance report, the period drop-down October month was missing, now it has been fixed.
  9. Fixed: When workdone was added in task view, an error was shown if workdone tab was not open. This is now fixed.
  10. Fixed: In Client Import fixed a bug where group no were shown in the confirmation table instead of client no.
  11. Fixed: Bugs in Bill Edit. Bill not posted would also give an error saying the bill is posted.

0.1.9 – 01 May 2018

  1. New: Select multiple task and assign multiple team members in one click in Task List. Thanks to CA Shrikant Yannam for the suggestion.
  2. Implemented: Change task information (Status, Completion %, Priority) without navigating away from Task List.
  3. Implemented: Task Dashboard moved from Development to Beta. Now all the task related charts shown on single page.
  4. Fixed: Bugs in Compliance Report and Task Stage

0.1.8 – 20 Apr 2018

  1. New: Compliance Dashboard. Thanks to CA Mahavir Saklecha for the suggestion.
  2. Implemented: New navigation menu shortcuts. Use comma(,)c/t/m/s to open navigation menu. This will increase productivity.
  3. Fixed: Task Search now shows client and group name on hover.
  4. Fixed: Breadcrumbs implementation now complete. If you find it missing, let us know.

0.1.7 – 15 Apr 2018

  1. Rework: Compliance Report has now many functionalities. Features added – task searching, keyboard shortcuts, export to excel & bug fixes.
  2. Implemented: Client Name refresh option in Task Create. Thanks to CA Shrikant Yannam for the suggestion.
  3. Fixed: Group Profitability report, now report shows partly billed tasks as unbilled tasks.
  4. Fixed: Staff Name is now shown instead of a mobile number in Task Stage Tab in Task View
  5. Fixed: Task can now be created without reference to a Service.
  6. Started: Breadcrumbs to know where you are currently in the software and Help links.

0.1.6 – 08 Apr 2018

  1. Implemented: Import of Client Group, Client, Task
  2. Fixed: Hearing search shortcut, now .h works across all the pages.
  3. Fixed: Few bugs here and there.

0.1.5 – 02 Apr 2018

  1. Implemented: Task Dashboard (beta)
  2. Implemented: Feedback button across the software. Now users can just point and click to share feedback with screenshot.
  3. Fixed: Client PAN now appears in Capital Letters
  4. Fixed: Some spelling mistakes & minor bugs

0.1.4 – 13 Mar 2018

  1. Implemented: Auto Task Creation. A task for a compliance can be auto-created in Compliance Report > Non-Compliance Tab
  2. Implemented: Global Keyboard shortcuts

0.1.3 – 05 Mar 2018

  1. Implemented: Added Hearing Search. Now all the hearings can be searched on a single page.
  2. Implemented: Hearing tab in Client View and Group View. Hearing for a client/group can be viewed through this tab.

0.1.2 – 01 Mar 2018

  1. This is the first beta version for the public.
  2. Implemented: Task Stages, Hearing, Reminder, Task Notes
  3. Implemented: Client Group, Client, Work Done Module

0.1.1 – 01 Sep 2017

  1. As the practice of CAs using the desktop version of Jamku increased, there was an increasing need for online office management software. Hence based on the suggestions and requests from the existing Jamku Customers we started developing Online Jamku Office Management in the month of September 2017.
  2. We decided that Jamku will be built on cutting edge technology and will be one day the largest online office management software in India.